The West End apartments are located in one of the most culturally active areas of the city: Chapultepec and Minerva. During the day you can enjoy the small cafes in the area. At night you can visit the different bars that offer a variety of craft beers made in the town. Gastronomy is tasted in the different classic and trendy restaurants, where colors and flavors come together to discover what is happening in Guadalajara.


West End is a building with comfortable spaces that provide quality and warmth, located in one of the best areas of Guadalajara. It is located in what was once the WEST END district (today Ladrón de Guevara), which was urbanized in the Twenties. Hemmed in by the historic, tree-lined avenues of Hidalgo, Justo Sierra, Morelos and Vallarta, the apartments are just a short walk from Av. Chapultepec, Glorieta Minerva and the city’s Lafayette and Americana districts.

Nearby places

  • Teatro Degollado - 18 MIN.
  • Centro Histórico Guadalajara - 15 MIN.
  • Templo Expiatorio - 10 MIN.
  • Paseo Chapultepec - 5 MIN.
  • Centro Magno - 5 MIN.
  • Glorieta Niños Heroes - 5 MIN.
  • Barrio Santa Tere - 6 MIN.
  • Minerva y Arcos Guadalajara - 5 MIN.

Public transport

  • Bus Route
  • Bus Route
  • 3 Bus line route PreTren
  • Transportation platform

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